Primary Admissions Open!

Admissions for Grades 1 and 2, starting June 2017 are now open. Please view the Primary tab for all details pertaining to Jigyasa Primary.

Jigyasa means 'curiosity' - the urge to know. It is this spontaneous quality which nature has so deftly embedded in each child that we, at Jigyasa, understand. We invite parents to join us and take a peep into the children's world of wondrous enchantment, which is their reality.

The curriculum at Jigyasa keeps pace with the world of today while equipping children with the skills they need for the future - not only in terms of academics, but also as complete individuals who are ready to take on challenges that they may be faced with throughout life.

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Our Vision at Jigyasa is to create a nurturing environment in which children become confident and independent learners, and are ready to face life's challenges with positive self-belief and clarity of thought and action.

An environment which encourages values of care, courtesy, compassion and consideration.

An environment where freedom is celebrated and children learn to understand the responsibility of using it to the best advantage for personal growth, while understanding and respecting the rights of others around them.

Where excellence is a way of life and not a goal to be reached at the end of the learning journey.

At a Glance

Jigyasa is a state-of-the-art school. Here are some aspects which make it a very happy place for children.

Individual Learning Plans

child with activity

Each child at Jigyasa follows an individual learning plan. We recognize that the pace of development is different for each child, and the learning plan is prepared with this in mind. This ensures that all children are always working towards their own goals. We appreciate and honour the fact that children evolve differently, and we endeavour to give them all the encouragement they need to move forward in life.

Acclaimed Curriculum


The uniquely designed curriculum has gained recognition and accolades internationally. The classrooms are set up as extended learning spaces which educators plan and equip in a scientific manner. We spend a lot of time planning activities which result in a whole lot of learning and a whole lot of fun!

Self Paced Learning


There is a strong emphasis on self paced learning. We recognize and appreciate that learning does not always progress in a linear fashion. Therefore, children are encouraged to work in accordance with their inclinations and thereby develop skills when they are ready to acquire them. Children who move ahead quickly in one area might need more time in another, and all educators at Jigyasa are trained to accept this diversity. This makes for an inclusive and no-pressure learning environment.

Location & Contact

Location A serene building in Domlur 2nd Stage

We are located just off the Double Road in Indiranagar. We are in close proximity to Indiranagar, Cambridge Layout, Thippasandra and Domlur.

The easiest way to approach the school is to get off 100 ft road in Indiranagar and turn onto Double Road. Once on Double Road, you have to come till you see Bhagini and Nandini restaurants - the lane running in between is 2nd A Cross, and is the lane on which the school is situated.

Contact Details Get in touch!

Phone: +91 72599 71595


For school admissions, you can start the process by setting up an appointment to meet with the Director and see the premises. You can do this either by calling us up or sending an email.

For all other enquiries, please call us up and we will be able to direct you depending on the nature of your inquiry.

Founding Team

Anuradha Chadha

anuradha picture

Anuradha is the Founder-Director of Jigyasa. She has more than 20 years experience working with children and is widely regarded as an educator in India and abroad. She finds her capacities best utilized in the classroom, actively working with children, unlike many other modern day school founders.

Before founding Jigyasa, she was head of Kindergarten at GEMS Modern Academy, where she was responsible for running the kindergarten section, which was rated 'outstanding' for 4 years running.

Ryan Chadha

ryan picture

Ryan is a young entrepreneur who is fascinated by the abundant possibilities of human potential. He sees Jigyasa as the ideal platform for enriching the potential of younger humans.

Ryan looks after the marketing and operational aspects of the school. In addition, he is actively involved in current research and best practices in education, and has published many articles and thought pieces on a variety of topics on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn, some of which have been shared widely on social media.